308011908 822378705607775 999864905008688037 nFrom September 28 to October 1 of this year, partners of the international project "Identity on the Line" from 7 European countries will visit Vilnius. During partner meetings, that are held in the project in each country, not only research conducted by different partners is discussed, issues related to project implementation are resolved, but also activities open to the public are organized: seminars, excursions, discussions, etc.

The Faculty of Communication of Vilnius University, together with its partners, invites everyone who wants to participate in educational activities that will take place in Vilnius on September 29-30.

On September 29, 2022, 15-17 PM: Excursion (in English) in the territory on the Vilnius Ghetto with the Holocaust exposition guide of the Vilnius Gaon Museum of Jewish History dr. Šarūnė Sederavičiūtė. During the tour the visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the Vilnius ghetto by visiting the unique places of the former ghetto - the gates and territory of the Big Ghetto, the building of the Jewish Ghetto Council, the Ghetto library, the sports ground, the Ghetto prison, the Great Synagogue located in the territory of the former Small Ghetto.

The number of participants for the tour is limited - you can register HERE.

2022 September 30th. 16:30 - 5:30 p.m. Excursion (English) after a traveling exhibition "In the Healing of Soul Wounds" with curator Neringa Latvyte. The participants of the excursion will be presented in a study conducted by the Faculty of Communication at Vilnius University to collect the testimonies of the Holocaust women, their daughters and grandchildren, revealing the painful consequences of traumatic experiences and their ways. The actualization of the Holocaust -induced migration processes and traumatic experience (non) transmission topics in the European context helps to better understand the different motives of people's choices, gives the voice a "silent", often traumatic memory that can help analyzing the challenges of today's migration and contributing to unique the development and integration of the regional narrative into the overall context of the European Cultural Heritage, showing the connections and opportunities to expand the limits of knowledge.

The number of participants of the tour is limited - you can register HERE.

2022 September 30th. 1:00 - 16:00. The discussion “How to Investigate and Communicate Sensitive Stories and Discussed Heritage” (English) will take place in the Vilnius University Senate Hall (University St. 3). Researchers of two projects implemented of Vilnius University Faculty of Communication will meet at the event and will discuss topics related to dissonant heritage, personal sensitive experiences and modern ways of communicating these topics. In the discussion sensitive issues will be analyzed through personal experiences, dissonant heritage communication, identity (trans) formation and challenges.

Those wishing to attend the event are kindly invited to REGISTER.

Identity on the Line is a large-scale collaborative project involving 6 cultural and historical museums in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia and Vilnius University. The aim of the project is to investigate the long-term consequences of different migration processes, both voluntary and forced, that have taken place in Europe over the last 100 years. The aim is to understand what influence migration has on the well-being and sense of identity of the people who have encountered it, and also to identify how migration affects the concept of identity. The project investigates 7 migration processes, including: soldiers and children of war, Greenlandic ethnic population in Danish society, participants in internal migration due to war, local population, emigrated multi-ethnic population and their descendants searching for their roots, mixed groups of migrants, who have lost their identity and basic human rights.

In 2022, the "Identity on the Line" project was awarded the prestigious award of the European Academy of Museums. More information about this: https://www.kf.vu.lt/naujienos/6304-2022-m-europos-muzieju-akademijos-premijos-laureatas-projektas-kurio-vienas-dalyviu-vilniaus-universitetas

The project is financed by the funds of the Creative Europe program "Culture", Vilnius University's participation in the project is supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

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