Students' Representation of Faculty of Communication


Students‘ Representation of Faculty of Communication (KF SA) are a subdivision of Vilnius University Students‘ Representation (VU SA) in the faculty of Communication of Vilnius University (VU). KF SA carries out independent activities, based on the statute confirmed by the VU SA Parliament.

KF SA was established several years ago and  has successfully worked over two years. It became perspective and fruitful organization. Over 40 students of the faculty has already involved themselves with great enthusiasm in voluntary work in the students representation and has made it more promising and growing organization. Working as a one big team helped us successfully to organize “Information Days 2003” the days of the Communication faculty and win the main price in “Students Fashion show 2003”.  KF SA also takes part in the First year Students‘ Tutors program, distributes Student Cards to the first year students, organizes the baptism of the freshmen, organizes different  festival, parties and events.

Although KF SA is very young, but it has a lot of innovative ideas, wish to implement different new projects and make the student feel better in the university.

Information and Communication Sciences Students' Organisation

Information and Communication Sciences Students' Organisation (official abbreviation - IMSO) independent, voluntary, non-political, non-profit public organisation established for students of Information and Communication.

This organisation is intended for students of information and communication, who are willing to participate actively in various local and external activities.

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