Upcoming Conferences

Upcoming Conferences

International conferences


2023 - Populism in National and Global Media, 24-25 November, 2023

2023 - International Book Science Conference "THE PERIODICALS AND A CHANGING SOCIETY - The 200th Anniversary of the Lithuanian Periodical Press", 19–20 October 2023

Past Conferences

International conferences

2022 - Gender studies and activism 2022: (re-/de-/?-) institutionalization in changing realities, November 24

2022 - International Book Science Conference "FRANCYSK SKARYNA AND THE RENAISSANCE BOOK CULTURE - Skaryna’s Little Traveller's Book turns 500", 22-23 September

2019 – Gender studies and research in 2019: centenary achievements and perspectives. 21–23 November 2019

2018 – Communication and information sciences in network society: experience and insights. IV, 14–15 June 2018

2017 – Books and Screens and the Reading Brain. 27–29 September 2017

2017 – International scientific-practical conference "The Slip and Form of Censorship". 4–5 May 2017, Vilnius

2016 – Communication and information sciences in network society: experience and insights. III, 9–10 June 2016

2015 – The Minority Book: Historical Experiences and Modern Expressions in the Global World. 24–25 September 2015

2015 – Interaction of Media and Politics in the Baltic States. 7–8 May 2015

2014 – The Ukraine Crisis in the Modern-day Information Space. 4 December 2014

2014 – Book culture of the life-time of Kristijonas Donelaitis in the multicultural society of Prussia. 25–26 September 2014

2014 – International conference 2014: Crisis in Film and Visual Media. 19–20 September 2014

2014 – Communication and Information Sciences in network society: experiences and insights. II, 24–25 June 2014

2013 – International Book Science Conference "Traditional and Electronic Publishing in a Small Country: Experiences and Perspectives". 26–27 September 2013, Vilnius

2012 – International Book Science Conference "Creators of Scholarly Disciplines (Book Science, Codicology, Documentation and Media Science)". 27–28 September 2012

2011 – Communication and Information Sciences in network society: experiences and insights, 16–17 June 2011

2010 – International Book Science Conference "Lithuanian Red List: Rare and Valuable Publications". 23–24 September 2010, Vilnius

2009 – International Book Science Conference "Book and Media Science: Research, Researchers, Communication. Conference for the Commemoration of the Millenium of Lithuania and 430th Anniversary of the Establishment of Vilnius University". 22–23 October 2009, Vilnius

2008 – International Book Science Conference "Martynas Jankus: the Press of National Renaissance and the Workers of Press. For 150th Anniversary of Martynas Jankus". 25–27 September 2008, Šilutė-Pagėgiai-Bitėnai

2007 – International Book Science Conference "The Role of Manuscript and Printed Heritage in Preservation of National Identity of Expatriates from Lithuania and Other Baltic States". 27–28 September 2007, Vilnius

2006 – International Book Science Conference "Book Science in Lithuania and Other Baltic States from 1918 till the end of the Second World War". 29–30 September 2006, Vilnius

2005 – International conference "Cultural Historical Heritage of Lithuania Minor". 22–24 September 2005, Vilnius; Klaipėda; Šilutė; Pagėgiai

2004 – International conference "Culture of Lithuanian Book and Public Word: from the Ban of Press to the Pillar of Democracy". 18–20 November 2004, Vilnius; Kudirkos Naumiestis

2003 – International conference of Book Science "Book Ownership Marks as the Heritage of Book Culture". 18–19 September 2003, Vilnius

2002 – International conference of Book Science "Book Museum: State-of-Art and Trends of Development". 26–27 September 2002, Vilnius; Kaunas

2001 – International conference of Book Science "Bibliophily". 20–22 September 2001, Vilnius; Plungė

1997 – History of the Old Book and Modern Book Science. International conference of Book Science to the 450th Anniversary of the First Lithuanian Book. 24–28 September 1997, Vilnius


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