The historiography of scholarly periodicals in Lithuania is fragmented and so far the development of Lithuanian scholarly periodicals has not been studied from a publishing point of view in the context of scientific communication. There are only a few general articles on the interwar Lithuania period. There is hardly any systematic and publicly available information about the Soviet period and the situation in Lithuanian scientific periodicals after 1990s. In most cases, periodicals are examined from a narrow perspective of a particular university science affair administrators or research funding institution. We have a situation where there is no reliable data on the number of scholarly periodicals currently published in Lithuania (2019). The project will help to collect and systematize information on Lithuanian scholarly periodicals from the first published scientific journal from a publishing point of view, to enable analysis of the systematic information and to publish the results.

The aim of the project is to systematize and analyze the publishing of Lithuanian scientific periodicals since 1907 until 2020 as a means of formal documentary communication in the context of all scientific communication. The project will summarize the chronological and geographical characteristics of scholarly periodical publishing and identify regularities of publishing dynamics, systematic information about publishing strategies and publishers of Lithuanian scholarly periodicals, publishing formats, methods of their dissemination, metadata structure.

Project leader: prof. dr. Andrius Šuminas (assoc. prof. dr. Arūnas Gudinavičius until 2022 December)

Project duration: from 2022 April until 2024 December

This project has received funding from the Research Council of Lithuania (LMTLT)

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