The second Summer School is organized on 14-19 of May 2017 in Riga. The topic of the intensive course has been renewed with the indication of public interest - Perception of Public Interest: Communicating to Persuade. The idea of topic is based on the current situation in mass media and issues that occur in the Baltic and Nordic countries in relation with immigration issues that have raised the importance of media literacy, communication competencies, etc.

The first Summer School was organized in Vilnius 6-10 of June 2016. Summer School Country Image and Information Warfare was influenced by armed conflict in Ukraine, and related with that active information war and propaganda from Russia. These events raised the topic of information warfare and propaganda that was mostly the topic related with political sciences and journalism but not so much with communication and public relations.

Network partners are willing to achieve those learning outcomes through the respectful, professional discussion with participants during activities planned in the programs of the intensive course. Innovativeness of the course is not only the topic of the intensive course, but as well the set of exclusive teachers working in different fields related with the topics, teaching methods that would be used in intensive course (problem solving, case – studies, presentations, discussions and role playing), and as well one of the most important aspects – group of participants from different countries with different understanding of the issue.

According to the number of hours and activities that are planned after successful accomplishment of the intensive course participant gets SCCL. According to number of hours that are devoted to lectures and seminars, work in groups and as well for substantive work as well the number of 6 ECTS credits would be provided and number of 24 contact hours. According agreement between partner institutions the credits obtained for intensive course would be reckoned by the participant’s home institution.


Dalia Bankauskaitė (Vilnius University, Lithuania)
Tomaš Božerocki (Vilnius University, Lithuania)
Beata Grebliauskienė (Vilnius University, Lithuania)
Ivo Juurvee (Estonian Business School, Estonia)
Ilkhom Khalimzoda (Turiba University, Latvia)
Mari Kooskora (Estonian Business School, Estonia)
Claes Levinsson (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Agrita Lujāne (Turiba University, Latvia)
Liga Mirlina (Turiba University, Latvia)
Dalius Morkvėnas (NGO Invest Lithuania, Lithuania)
Andris Pētersons (Turiba University, Latvia)
Gregory John Simons (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Darius Udrys (Neue Unica, Lithuania)
Liutauras Ulevičius (Vilnius University, Lithuania)


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