mini andris petersonsOne of the organisers of the summer school dr. Andris Petersons discuss the idea to make the joint program and to talk about strategic communication issues.

“Students are different as well as universities they represent and it’s always interesting for everyone to make a big puzzle from people, their ideas and actions, and be a part of it. When Renata Matkeviciene and Andris Petersons came up with an idea of summer school, they found the soul-mates Greg Simonss and Mari Kooskora, and students from Vilnius University, Turiba University, Tartu University, Estonian Business School positively excited. Many people were sure that they needed it. So, we simply followed the track of PR practitioner Edward Bernays who said: “You can lead people only where there they want to be led”. The main question for every project “Who will pay for this?” is solved thanks to foundation “Nordplus”. We appreciate their trust and a wise investment in youth. Now almost everything is prepared for discussions, workshops, team building activities, presentations and fun. Our project manager Indre Petrauskaite controls a pulse of event which is about to begin. Let’s rock and roll!”

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