Picture1On September 7, 11.00-12.30 a.m. Professor Jan van Dijk, University of Twente, the Netherlands will give an online lecture for staff of Vilnius University The Power of Big Tech, and how to deal with it.


Zoom Meeting https://liedm.zoom.us/j/93118906332 

Van Dijk is currently writing a book called Power & Technology (2024). It offers a general theory of natural, technical and social power for technology combined. The concepts will be applied to the problem of managing the current rise of Big Tech in society and the media.

For instance, how should we regulate the platforms of the social media?

Why is Big Tech so powerful? It is visible in nine appearances of power: force, construction (design), coercion, domination, discipline (surveillance), dependency, information, persuasion and authority.
The end of the lecture van Dijk will deal with the solutions. Should we break-up Big Tech? Is self-regulation by platforms better than government regulation?


  • Who is Big Tech?
  • Which power of Big Tech?
  • A General Definition of Power
  • Characteristics of my Definition of Power
  • Nine Appearances of Power
  • The Power Basis of Big Tech is material power: Force, Construction and Coercion
  • The Consequence of Big Tech’s power is physical and mental power: Domination, Discipline and Dependency
  • A Second Consequence of Big Tech’s power is mental power: Information, Persuasion and Authority
  • Means of Regulation for Controlling the Power of Big Tech
  • Government Regulation or Self-Regulation?

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