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Office of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania together with the Faculty of Communication of Vilnius University, Baltic Audio-visual Archival Council and partners are organizing an international scientific conference on “Displaced Documentary Heritage: Identification, Availability, Research, and Dissemination” on September 21–22, 2021 and invite to submit presentations.

The goals of the conference are to urge both researchers and practicians to discuss and bring up to date the issue of the documentary heritage, related to Lithuania though preserved abroad, the so-called, displaced heritage: its identification, availability, recovery of original documents or their digital versions.The goals also include the discussions on the significance of such heritage for the development of both the Lithuanian nation and the state, also its potential in such areas as historical, cultural or social development research, digital reconstructions or cultural and creative industries. During the conference, the organisers expect to have a conceptual discussion on the search for (identification of) the documentary heritage, taken away from Lithuania, as well as the way it relates to the heritage consisting of books and manuscripts or the heritage preserved in the museums. The discussion will also include such issues as the state of things in the archives, accumulated by the Lithuanian communities abroad, prospective areas of activities of memory institutions, as well as sharing the results of research.

Participants are invited to deliver their presentations on the following sub-topics:

  • Reasons, development and the actors involved in the destruction of archival collections.
  • Research of the scattered heritage with the view of the state development, national identity and expression of historical memory.
  • Legal aspects of preservation, retrieval and use of the scattered documentary heritage.
  • Accumulation and management of the information on the Lithuania-related documentary heritage in Lithuania.
  • Documentary heritage, preserved in the institutions of the Lithuanian communities abroad, the research of this heritage and the problems related to its retrieval.
  • Lithuania-related documentary heritage, preserved in foreign institutions, the research of this heritage, its digitisation and dissemination.
  • Interinstitutional and international cooperation in the area of identification and preservation of the displaced heritage related to Lithuania.
  • Problem of origin and typology of the displaced heritage. Documents of the working and personal nature, ego-document collections.
  • Representations of the documentary heritage on social networking sites, reconstruction of the collections and their dissemination in virtual environment.
  • Information and communication of the audio-visual heritage, digitisation and research of the displaced heritage.

Date of the conference: September 21, 2021– September 22, 2021.

Venue: Office of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania; Mindaugo St. 8, Vilnius.

Working languages: English, Lithuanian.

Specifications: both physical and online participation.

Deadline for submitting the summaries of presentations: summaries of presentations (250–300 words), including the topic, name of the author(s), scientific degree or teaching title, institution and contact details (address, phone number and e-mail), are to be submitted by 15 June 2021 on the e-mail address:

Information on the acceptance of presentations: speakers will be informed on the acceptance of their summaries by 30 June 2021.

Duration of presentation: 20 minutes. It is planned to publicize the presentation based articles in a special edition of 2022 of the journal “Knygotyra”, which is referred to in the ElsevierScopus database since 2018. Planned date for submitting: by 12 December 2021.

Contact persons:

  • dr. (HP) Arvydas Pacevičius – Professor at the Faculty of Communication of Vilnius University.
  • Daiva Lukšaitė – Head of the Unit of Document and Archives Management and Use of the Office of Chief Archivist of Lithuania.


Organizational Committee:

  • Asta Petraitytė-Briedienė, Researcher at the Lithuanian Emigration Institute of Vytautas Magnus University.
  • Juozapas Blažiūnas, Director of Lithuanian Archives of Literature and Art.
  • GiedrėMilerytė-Japertienė, Head of the Division of Historical Collections of the National Museum of Lithuania.
  • Daiva Lukšaitė, Head of the Unit of Document and Archives Management and Use of the Office of Chief Archivist of Lithuania,
  • Kristina Ramonienė, Chief Archivist of Lithuania,
  • Juozas Markauskas, President of the Baltic Audio-visual Archival Council, Member of the Council for Digitisation of Lithuanian Cultural Heritage.
  • dr. (HP) Arvydas Pacevičius, Professor at the Faculty of Communication ofVilnius University,
  • dr. Juozas Skirius, Professor at the Faculty of Humanities and Chief Researcher at the Lithuanian Emigration Institute of Vytautas Magnus University,
  • Vitalija Stravinskienė, Researcher at the Lithuanian Institute of History,
  • Inga Zakšauskienė, Assistant at the Faculty of History of Vilnius University.


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