Francisco Eduardo Haz Gómez

Francisco Eduardo Haz Gómez will visit Vilnius university Faculty of Communication and read lectures on 4th and 6th February.

Francisco Eduardo Haz Gómez has a professional experience of more than 15 years in the field of Social Sciences. Degree in Sociology (University of A Coruña; Spain) and Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology (University UNED; Spain). Also, he has postgraduate training in the specializations of Project Management (University UNED; Spain), Public Sector Consulting (College of Political Scientists and Sociologists of Madrid) and Development Cooperation and Management of NGOs (European University Institute Salvador de Madariaga - University of A Coruña). In 2016 he obtained the degree of Doctor with International Mention from the University of A Coruña, in the specialization of Sociology and Political Science.

In his research career it is emphasized having been a scholarship from the University of Lisbon (Portugal), to have been a doctoral researcher at the BNTU National Technical University of Belarus (2014-2015), grantee fellow researcher from the University of Tallinn (Estonia), postdoctoral researcher at the State University of Belarus (2016-2017). Besides, he has been guest professor at the Novo-Polotsk University (2017) (Belarus), at the University of Warsaw (Poland) (2019) and at the Belarusian State University (2019). He has several publications in the lines of research on: Education, ICT, Social Policy, Social Communication, Politics, Disability and Gender. He has been a researcher in the Person-Environment teams University of A Coruña (2003-2005), National College of Sociologists and Political Scientists (2006-2011) and at this time, member of the Social Exclusion and Inequality team - University of Murcia (2018-present) Currently working as a professor at the University of Murcia since 2018.

Francisco Eduardo Haz Gómez will read two lectures:

  • on February 4th, 5 PM, 510 auditorium (Saulėtekio ave. 9) – lecture „Political Communication: The treatment of candidates parties in legislative elections in Spain (2019)“ for students of Communication Science (1st course). Other people who want to come to the lecture, need to register via e-mail:
  • on February 6th, 3 PM, 217 auditorium (Saulėtekio ave. 9) – open lecture „Academic and scientific communication: European universities facing the challenge of communication in the 21st century“.

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