IFLATarptautinė bibliotekų asociacijų ir institucijų federacija (IFLA) kviečia teikti pranešimus konferencijai, kuri vyks 2019 m. rugpjūčio 21-22 d. Belgrade, Serbijoje.

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We invite proposals for papers to be presented at their joint open session to be held during Satellite Meeting in Belgrade, Serbia, 21-22 August 2019.


Today, libraries, archives, museums and documentation centers are moving from a reactive to a productive role. Though they continue to collect, preserve and support the use of historical documents and records, they also engage and participate in the production, publication and active dissemination of new resources based on their collections – as the «sites of knowledge retrieval». They have become centers of knowledge production, both in the material and the virtual world.

The growing use of low-cost genetic testing combined with the massive scanning and digitization of genealogical records, allows ordinary families to study both their family trees and their ethnic background in great depth and detail. The results tend to show more variation (multiple ethnic backgrounds) than most people are currently aware of.

The session welcomes papers that discuss:

– Innovative use of historical and genealogical collections
– Collaborative work with historical and genealogical societies
– Local History, Local Community and use of social technologies, like crowd sourcing
– Genetic genealogy and the promise of DNA
– Responses to new demands from the well-informed users
– Multi-ethnicity in local history and culture, avoiding more traditional nationalistic and regional perspectives

We encourage evidence based practice and invite presentations and analysis of projects which can be of practical value to others. Submissions in other formats than academic papers (such as reports, multimedia presentations and essays) are welcome.

Participants are encouraged to discuss both successes and failures in their papers.


  1. “Libraries as mediators, producers and partners in the development of community awareness and cultural understanding” 

The topic reflects a corresponding institutional change: we must take a more active, and a more collaborative role in bringing the new knowledge to our public – in local, national and world-wide communities.

  1. “Local History and Genealogy in multiethnic societies, the impact of genetic mapping and digitized sources”

The topic emphasizes the deep changes in our inputs and how new technologies allow us to collect, analyze and connect much more data – much faster – than before.


Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 August 2019


University Library “Svetozar Markovic”, 71 Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia


Local History and Genealogy Section joint with Asia and Oceania Section

For more information: https://2019.ifla.org/cfp-calls/local-history-and-genealogy-section-joint-with-asia-and-oceania-section/

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